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5 russian female influencers you need to know

Hi, how are you? I’m super happy to write you an article on rising Russian influencers. Because it’s been a while since I wanted to introduce you to the influencers of this region, which has a strong identity. So we continue our journey of influencers around the world with the Russians. Among the most beautiful women in the world and with a unique sense of aesthetics; they represent this community very well and inspire more than one.

1. The luxurious Victoriabonya

Her Instagram: @victoriabonya

Did you say luxury? You are in the right place ! Victoria will please you if you are a fashion addict who loves to find ideas for looks from high-end designer outfits or accessories. Making you dream is its niche, so take advantage of it!

2. The godmother Karina_nigay

Her Instagram: @karina_nigay

Karina is a big influencer who has proven herself in the fashion world. Followed by several million subscribers on Instagram alone, she spreads her style with the waves of current trends and inspires more than one.

3. The original Alenavodonaeva

Her Instagram: @alenavodonaeva

She is everything I love in an influencer. She has dog, a typical Slavic fashion look, but which draws on different influences. But also and above all, she does not take herself seriously! You can see it in her choice of accessories, which are sometimes a little offbeat, but which always match her look. A look that I validate 100%.

4. The Traveler Anyuta_rai

Her Instagram: @anyuta_rai

Are you attracted to travel? You will be served by Anyuta. She has a fairly travel-based Instagram. She wanders a lot with her darling, in destinations that would make more than one dream. Her dress ideas are minimalist and creative.

5. The artiste Lizagysevskaya

Her Instagram: @lizagysevskaya

More than a fashion or beauty influencer, Liza is an artist. She will take you through her atypical, inclusive universe, in which you will feel good. With her, there’s no question of snobbery or anything else, just an accessible universe, like an invitation to travel.