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« Tbt » what does it mean ?

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’ve already heard about the hashtag #tbt or #throwbackthursday. And you are asking yourself about the meaning of the word. Of course, everybody have heard of it, because it has be share over 500 000 times on Instagram. You can’t do without it. But it is a bit confusing not having the explanation about the word. I’ll make it clear for you to use it well. I’ve written a post in which i explain the meaning of ootd. It is available: here !

The origin of the word

According to the media VOX, it has been used for the first time in 2006. A young sneaker blogger pull the word out, before it began a well known hashtag like it is today.

Meaning of the word

The word tbt stands for « throwback thursday ». It is used on thursday as a hashtag, to share a funny, nostalgic content. The content should have been taken in the past.