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« Tbh » what does it mean ?

You have surely heard this word “tbh” a lot without really being able to understand it. On the networks, the word is very present. And like many English words, it tends to develop and appear in regions that are not. In France, for example, more and more young people are using it for the reasons that I will explain to you later. I will help you to see more clearly and above all to be able to use it in your turn without worries.

Meaning of the acronym

“Tbh” means “to be honest” or “to be heard”. The first meaning is the most used. It literally means “to be honest”, “if I had to be frank”. Originally, the term was used to express an opinion, but not just any opinion. Basically, if you had to criticize a person, a thing, an idea, you ended your sentence with tbh. Today, it is also used to express one’s (positive) opinion about someone or something, as we will see below.

Used to meet new people

On Instagram, the term is used for a very simple reason: to meet new lovers or friends. It is used mostly by teenage communities, but tends to serve older people. Basically, among teens, to facilitate the meeting of people in our (distant) circle of acquaintance; we contact the people concerned in dms by starting our sentence with tbh.

Used to get followers/likes

Also on social networks, the word is widely used. This time not to meet people, but for another reason. This is to grow your account in likes and subscribers. It is a very common practice in the United States to obtain results. It’s about using it as a bargaining chip. Basically, you promise a tbh in exchange for a like/subscription to your account. And then once your content is liked, you like that of the other account by commenting on its content with a nice compliment starting with tbh.