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5 lebanese female influencers you need to know

Girls, I recently did an article for you about 5 rising bloggers and influencers in 2023. In this article, I introduced you to girls from Dubai. The article inspired me this second article on girls still in the Middle East, but who this time are located in Lebanon. What better way to discover the country than to feed on the content of these pretty influencers who each have their own style. I hope they will inspire you and make you want to share your content even more. For those who would like to read the article on Dubai bloggers, it is available: here !

1. The “Spontaneous” Daniella

Instagram: @dessakrr

Do you like fashion, beauty and gymnastics?! Well you’ve come to the right place with Daniella. His spontaneity and his joie de vivre will please you and inspire you (I hope). A pretty blogger who never lacks inspiration and originality and knows how to surprise us. To be continued if not already!

Her Instagram: @dessakrr

2. The “Real” Fery

Instagram: @feryalfayad

Fery describes herself as a pure lebanese. And I didn’t want to take away his description, because I couldn’t find better. She is a pure influencer from there, who knows how to pose behind the lens. On the menu, luxury outfits, travel to popular and high-end destinations. For those who like it, you will be served.

Her Instagram: @feryalfayad

3. The “Authentic” Rana

Instagram: @ranajom3a

Rana is my favorite. All in sobriety and simplicity, she makes her merry way by offering her audience her little authentic content. With her no luxury outfit with a large logo written in capital letters. Just sober and stylish little outfits.

Her Instagram: @ranajom3a

4. The “Angelique” Sophie

Instagram: @sophiesahyoun

Behind her angelic little face hides a pretty rebel. Yes, the country is in turmoil as I write the article with many demonstrations everywhere. In short, we are here to talk about Sophie, who will make you love the small Lebanese landscapes that she always presents to us, dressed in her pretty outfits.

Her Instagram: @sophiesahyoun

5. The “Parisian” Tara

Instagram: @tara.onr

And yes, this little piece of woman has her place in my article, because she is of Lebanese origin (if I’m not mistaken lol) and is an influencer as we like them. If you like urban, chic, sexy outfits, you will be served. Tara will inspire you with these outfits and her travels that make you want to. To discover !

Her Instagram: @tara.onr