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5 female influencers from Belgium you need to follow

I continue my serie about bloggers and influencers around the world. And this time i would like to present you my belgian neighbors. Because they’re doing so good things. Instagram is displaying so much contents from my neighbors. The algorithm knows that i enjoy their content and it displays more and more. That’s why i want to make you discover them. Just for you to know, i’m french, that’s why i’m talking about « neighbors ». So enjoy !. Ps: i’ve written an article about 5 swiss female influencers. It is available: here !

1. The elegant Inge Moerenhout

Instagram: @Ingemoerenhout

For those who would like to know the meaning of elegant, close the dictionary. Go on Instagram and watch Inge’s feed. If elegant had a name, it would be Mme Moerenhout. Her Instagram account make us dream.

Her blog:

Her Instagram: @ingemoerenhout

2. The boss AFashionTaste

Instagram: @afashiontaste

Honestly, i haven’t found a better description for this crazy woman haha. She is the kind of woman you would never be annoyed by. Did i talk about her travels ? Her photos are perfect. She will make you dream a lot.

Her blog:

Her Instagram: @afashiontaste

3. The sparkling No Blog Just Love

Instagram: @noblog.justlove

She doesn’t have any blog, but she got some love to share. I don’t have any kid for the moment. But when i see her little family, of baby influencers ; it makes me wanting to get my own litle family. Not you ?!

Her Instagram: @noblog.justlove

4. The beauty Monica Adima

Instagram: @monicaadimaofficiel

I’ve chosen this description, because i’m sure that you will too. Yes, she is really nice. She also give a lot of beauty tips to help you improve your self-confidence.She is not a Barbie girl, but really someone who can help everybody’s beauty ; particularly concerning their hair.

Her blog:

Her Instagram: @monicaadimaofficiel

5. The engaged Gaëlle Van Rosen

Instagram: @gaelle_van_rosen

I’m not going to lie, but i was positively shocked by the fact that Gaëlle id engaged against racism. Is it true that it’s nit the first thing you see browsing on the Instagram influencers account. Generally, they talk about easier subjects. I’m black and i know how important it is to talk about it ! But she make it in a good way mixing: engagement and lightness.

Her blog:

Her Instagram: @gaelle_van_rosen