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5 female food influencers you should follow

Girls, I’m going to introduce you to 5 food-loving bloggers and influencers to follow in 2023. I’ve made my small selection of 5 different girls, who don’t have the same level of audience and who don’t particularly offer the same things. Their common point: passion! I usually do this type of article related to fashion and beauty bloggers, but I decided to focus on foodistas, because after all, you all have common goals. Obviously, if I realize that the article is popular, I will propose others on foodistas.

1. The « audacious » Marjosamira_cook

Instagram: @marjosamira_cook

I chose to describe it with the word audacious, because not only is it square, but it is also addicted to homemade. No cheating with her and we want to devour her insta without further delay! Subscribe to his account if you haven’t already.

Her Instagram: @marjosamira_cook

2. The « exotic » Aïcha

Instagram: @mykitchenetteciebyaicha

Why did I choose the adjective exotic?! Well, simply because she presents us, in her insta, recipes for dishes from around the world; of the Nasi Goreng type, a Balinese national dish that looks quite simple to prepare at first glance, but still requires attention for the uninitiated.

Her Instagram: @mykitchenetteciebyaicha

3. The « self-taught » Karima

Instagram: @karimaelmakhloufi

I think that Karima is not the only one to be self-taught, among all those I present to you! But I think it’s a good thing to point out that girls are self-improving on the one hand; and that they take the time to please their audience and develop it in the other, hats off to them!

Her Instagram: @karimaelmakhloufi

4. The « epicurean » Oum

Instagram: @ummi_cooking

It’s all in the presentation! Oum loves good things and shares them with us, for our greatest pleasure. The little pastry chef will make your mouth water and more with her super well presented recipes on her feed.

Her Instagram: @ummi_cooking

5. The « greedy » Assia

Instagram: @assia_cuisine_facile

Assia will charm you whether you are a fan of French sandwiches or desserts. She will present you different recipes with a wide choice that is easy to cook and suitable for everyone! His insta is called Easy Cooking, it’s no coincidence.

Her Instagram: @assia_cuisine_facile