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5 tips to find love on Instagram

Every girls who are reading my posts are so in love with Instagram. Sometime they love it, sometimes they hate it. But generally they keep coming back even after months of separation. I understand you so much, because since i learned how to use the platform, i’m addicted too. I have a big info which is going to please the single ones. What it is ?! A lot of women met their loved one on Instagram. Yes, it is not a dating app. But the platform offers so much possibilities, that it allows people who share the same interest to meet, flirt and to fall in love. I’m going to give you some advices to find someone who share the same interests as you.

1. Search into your active followers

If you’re on Instagram, you surely have some followers. They like your content. You may have someone who is looking at you like you may be his/her love one. You don’t know him/her for the moment, but you will. Maybe you have an idea of the person who i am talking about. So start engaging with him/her and discover if it’s a match.

2. Search by geo-location

Instagram is good to find geo-located contents. It is also working to meet new content creators in your city, and date with them. There is no better way to find someone with the same passion and interest as you.

3. Post a funny video story

Humour is a good way to meet people, and why not to meet love. Of course, you must be funny for it to work haha. My tip here is to make a funny video story in which you talk about the fact that you’re single and looking for love. You will get some response as original as your video.

4. Ask your friends

If you’re on Instagram, i guess your friends too. There is no better people to help you find love than your friends. It is the same in the real world. They know you so well that they’ll be able to make you meet someone who fit you. You must ask the question to know if they are aware of someone who can fit you.

5. Be aware of liers

Instagram is a pretty nice app, with advantages and disadvantages. But their is a huge problem on the platform. I’m talking about liers, and fake people. Be aware of people lying on their personnalities, their life or their status. They make make you think that they’re single even if it is not the case.