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How to edit your pictures for Instagram ?

Girls, I’m going to give you tips that will forever change the game for you! These are methods that you may not have known existed, or that did not seem important to you! But they will indeed change the game for you and finally allow you to be considered a blogger (by your audience and those who will come across your work). Because it is work, even if you do it with pleasure and your work deserves to be perceived at its fair value. This year is yours and I am proud to contribute to your change and your improvement as a blogger.

Take better pictures

The best way to edit your photos well is to take better photos beforehand! What do I mean by that?! Just to prepare the one who serves as your photographer and to help him or her improve the photos he or she takes of you. If you are lucky enough to meet photographers in your area who are used to shooting bloggers and Instagrammers for fun, call on them; and above all take a LOT of photos in different spots and with different outfits so that you can use them all on your insta without having to redo shoots each time. Then, with regard to the photos that one of your relatives takes of you, I asked you to guide them, because it is about your insta: only you know what you would like it to look like. So guide them to take better pictures. How ?

  1. By paying attention to the brightness of the place where you shoot. Daylight is perfect, but avoid places that are a bit dark or places where the sun hits your face too hard. At worst, take advantage of places a little in the shade like the terraces of a café or the well-lit alleys of your city.
  2. By taking pictures from different angles. It’s good to have several photos, but ask your photographer for a day to change angles. That is to say, crouching to take you, lying with your back to the ground, or standing on tiptoes to take pictures of you. He must take it from the front, in profile, from all angles. The photos are professional and original when they are not taken in the same way as Mr. Everybody.
  3. By staging your photos. Don’t be afraid of the word « staging ». It freaks you out, because you start thinking about film productions or plays. We are starting to think that we will need people to help us and a budget. But this word just means to prepare your photos by choosing the places where you are going to shoot, your outfits and what you are going to want to express in your photos. I haven’t forgotten that you are bloggers so it should be quite simple, no acting required, just be yourself. But the choice of places, colors of your outfits etc. remain very important.

Know your visual identity

To edit your photos, you will need to identify your style. And for that, you don’t have to look far! You are a blogger so I imagine that you already have a style of your own. If you are still looking for yourself, I invite you to look at the level of your personality and the area in which you evolve. I will take a simple example. With my girlfriend, we have an insta in which we put photos of our outfits when we are traveling. We have our own style: I like to mix looks with specific colors and she likes pretty much the same colors as me. In addition, we both like a little vintage looks. So, when we had to retouch our photos, I chose to edit them with a slightly moody, vintage filter that recalls our look and adds an « emotion » side to our photos that are taken with couple poses. In the field in which we operate and in relation to our audience, it fits perfectly! So it’s up to you to identify these elements before retouching your photos.

Use the right tools

Il There are many tools to retouch your photos and I will not mention them all here. I’ll just give you the one I use for my insta: VSCO. There is a free version with several pre-existing filters and a paid version for the year with even more possibilities. Between us, I advise you to use filters that exist, because they are good and varied. Some filters are better than filters that I created myself for my insta photo with Photoshop. But I advise you to change some settings to customize them. No need to go far, if you do not master the jargon of photo editing. But just touch saturation, sharpness and white balance. When you touch it you can choose a positive or negative value but stay between 0 and 2; and 0 and -2. You can improve certain defects (pimples or other) on portrait photos for example with Facetune.