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5 tips to get the best content ideas for social media

Even the most creative have moments of doubt or loss of inspiration. It’s even harder to come up with post ideas when you’re just starting out. Because once the white sheet syndrome is over, you still need inspiration for your next posts. Because the pressure is there! Now, many often advise you to post regularly, even several times a day. But ideas don’t fall from the sky. And you have to succeed in feeding your account with ever more original and interesting content for your audience. I’m going to give you 5 tips for finding content ideas easily.

1. Take inspiration from what is already being done

Often, we are looking for originality. We therefore refuse to do what is done, or to follow trends. But in reality it is a big mistake. Because not only will it allow you to find an idea for content. But in addition, it will inspire you to find new content ideas, variations for your future posts. On top of all that, trends are often started by big influencers. If they launch them, it is because they know a minimum of what pleases or not. So following their ideas is not a bad idea.

2. Refresh old content

There’s nothing better than making new out of old. Because the very principle of trends is old ideas that are refreshed and brought up to date. So check out all your old posts and ask yourself what new ideas you might come up with. This mini-brainstorming will allow you to come up with several variations of these ideas, which you can post as you go along. You can easily come up with fifty new ideas from your old ones. Believe me it’s a huge time saver afterwards.

3. Make collaborations

What is a collaboration? It’s a deal with other content creators. You agree to create content together for their accounts. In return, they help you create some for yours. Having a second person to work with on your content makes it easier to create new content. Believe me it gives ideas to be in pairs. The boost is nice.

4. Be inventive

There are ways to be creative. The ones I presented to you in the previous sections help to develop your creativity. But there’s nothing better than being inventive to be creative. What does it mean ? It just means that you have to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and imagine what they might like. No one knows your audience better than you! What does she like ? Does she like dance content? unboxing? of travel ? …

5. Take social network breaks

What could be more tiring than having your head in the handlebars all the time?! There’s nothing more exhausting creatively and even physically. Many are fed up with networks because of this phenomenon. So how do you avoid social media burnout (or white page syndrome)? Simply by preparing content in advance, and taking short breaks, for one, two days (or even a whole week). Pause means no longer logging in at all! You will see that the return will be all the more pleasant.