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5 canadian female influencers you need to follow in 2023

Who said that it is cold in Canada ? I’ll talk about 5 women influencers who are going to make you think the other way. Because they allow us to discover the region and they know how to do it ! i thank you to inspire us and to allow us to discover the region with a different eye. I’ve written an other post on 5 influencers from New-york. It is available: here !

The « hyperactive » Alannapearson

She is pretty talented ! There is nothing Alanna can’t do. So much talent in one person i’m freaked out. She is an influencer, youtuber, blogger, entrepreneur ; and she got time to travel. Too fast too furious for us haha i’m joking. But i think she is going to inspire you. All the women i present you on the post are going too but Alanna is a level up.

Her Instagram: @alannapearson

The « traveler » Beccweb

Once in Paris. After, travelling in London … She moves around the world and she likes it. But she also like to go through Canada. Always on the road with her girlfriend. She’s in love and kindly share her love with proud. I hope that she is an inspiration for us all. Me i pick her good vives and energy everytime i can.

Her Instagram: @beccweb

The « sexy » Ladursa

Maybe the sexiest influencer in Toronto. I’m joking but she got something ! Physically, she is hot as fuck. And you can tell that she is inspiring because she always have new ideas to keep our attention. Wheither it is with her pretty look or with some nice cars or jewelleries.

Her Instagram: @ladursa

The “fashionista” Noémie

Instagram: @noemielacerte

Why do i use fashionista to describe her ?! Because Noémie use the same world to describe herself: “I like clothes, but like enormously.” haha you heard it ! And she makes us happy with all her different looks. She may be in Martinique, Nice (french city) or in New-york city ; she is a slay girl and make us look our mind (in a good way).

Her Instagram: @noemielacerte

The “funny” Elo

Instagram: @elorouthe

When i see her Instagram account, I’m thinking about the word « funny ». Because she is so funny. Elo is taking everything easy and she doesn’t want to get stressed out. I like the way she’s playing with the colors around. The blue color of the sky ; the color of the sun etc.

Her Instagram: @elorouthe