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« Bts » what does it mean ?

If you’re reading my post, i guess you have been confronted to the word BTS. But what does it mean ? I will help you to better understand it ; because it has a lot of meaning. That’s why it is a bit difficult to understand if you don’t know all the definitions of this so used word on the social networks.

Bang tan Sonyeondan

You may be a fan of the group or not but you already know their music. Founded in 2013, the korean boys band composed of 7 singers is known all over the world. They are influencing teenagers on all the planet.

Behind the scene

If you are a content creator or only consuming content on Youtube ; you already know the word. Bts means behind the scene. It is the same meaning as in the movie industry, where you can watch cut scenes not appearing in the movie.

Better than sex

If you are more on social networks like Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram ; you have heard of this version of bts. It means  « better than sex ». Meaning that the pointed thing is better than having sex (so really really good, guessing that you like sex).