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5 brazilian female influencers you need to follow

Brazil is not just sun, warm sandy beaches and samba. It is also its pretty influencers with an incredible charisma. I am going to introduce you to 5 Brazilian influencers in fashion, beauty or lifestyle and to follow without delay. I promise, there will be originals and especially women who are just as different in terms of content and positioning. It’s worth the detour so good reading. Ps: I wrote an article where I present to you 5 rising influencers in Portugal. It is available:

1. The « unique » Marimaria

Her Instagram: @marimaria

Mom and fashion blogger. Its content will please you if you like influencers who live their mom life to the fullest on the networks and share everything with us. She’s a beauty influencer with her own brand.

2. The « sulphurous » Veveyumi

Her Instagram: @veveyumi

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, she will please you if you are looking for a mix between blogger and Tiktok style dancer. Its content is scalable and can switch from photo to video at any time.

3. The « urban » Camilareisd

Her Instagram: @camilareisd

I couldn’t find any other qualifier for this charming influencer. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has a rather urban content close to the style of Parisian or London bloggers.

4. The « luxurious » Brendav castro

Her Instagram: @brendav.castro

Fashion bloggers with a touch of luxury, we love it! Because it’s nice to see a woman who knows how to dress and wear pretty things. This is the whole description of Branda that will please you.

5. The « charming » Maritraiber

Her Instagram: @maritraiber

I’m not going to tell you about her beauty or her charm, which are obvious. But rather the beauty and charm of its content. Because if you like photos of photo shoots by the sea, that’s his specialty. Its content is stunning!