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How to become a brand ambassador for Nike ?

I know that many of you are passionate about fashion and beauty. But in this article, I will speak to those who worship the Nike brand. Because yes, you don’t become an ambassador at Nike just by enjoying some of their models; but rather by embracing the brand’s philosophy of fashion, sport and performance. I noticed that many of my friends managed to obtain partnerships on the networks with the brand without especially being great sportsmen or athletes. And I decided to share with you the criteria that for me served them to achieve this goal. Ps: I wrote an article where I teach you how to get a partnership with the SHEIN brand. It is available: here !

Have a large number of subscribers

Believe me, you won’t get a partnership with Nike by having 1000 followers on Instagram. That’s a fact. The brand will not even agree to send you a pair if behind you do not correspond to this criterion of influence. If you have below 20,000 subscribers why not wait before trying to get a partnership. There are exceptions to the rule, where friends have secured a partnership with less than 20k, because they have a fashion account on street-urban outfits. And the concept was so quirky and different that they approached through the brand that provided them with a pair.

Have quality content

It seems logical said like that but what do I mean by quality content?! I mean having content with your own identity, even different from what is found in your category. Have content that appeals at first glance and with research. Because it’s not enough to have a lot of subscribers. With this type of brand, you also need to have a unique identity that sticks with that of the company. Obviously, your content must be of technical quality (clean photos or videos, which do not look amateurish).

Target subcategories at Nike

You know like me that the brand is present in a set of niche markets relating to sports equipment but also to streetwear. So why not target what I call a brand sub-category for a partnership? Going back to my friends and their partnership, that’s what happened. They were contacted by the brand, along with a set of other influencers. But it was a team that works in the brand’s sneakers sector that contacted them. But there are several categories at Nike such as the Training category etc.

Be a sportsman

You know that the brand is aimed at a clientele of athletes. Obviously it is not only intended for them and is present in other market segments, but why not take advantage of this advantage of being a sportswoman yourself?! Because yes, we can mix fashion, beauty and sport. I take for example the influencers who have an insta lifestyle rather focused on well-being. They manage to combine their content with well-being and sport.