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5 tips to become an influencer on Instagram

You have always dreamed of becoming a blogger, or even an influencer with your own audience on the networks. Did you know that it is perfectly doable and not impossible at all? Since 2018, many girls have taken the plunge and realized that this dream is not at all excessive. The whole thing is to start, to get started… No need to wait 5 years, 10 years to succeed in earning money as a blogger; now you just have to follow the right techniques and the right advice to get started and see the first results.

1. Be present on Instagram

If there’s a social network on which you must be present, it’s Instagram! It is the network of bloggers par excellence, and the one that will serve you for a while. Some bloggers only use Instagram for their activity. The platform is used for their content, but also to generate money on a daily basis via product placements or other.

2. Create a structured Instagram

What differentiates amateurs from Instagrammers is precisely the professionalism of their account. I’m talking about an eye-catching account with a unique identity. It is not a question of copying the account of the fat instagramers, but of making yours a real instagramer account. For that, you have to start structuring it like an Instagram account, making sure to respect important details in your profile picture, your bio and your content. Your insta is like a shop, it must be pleasant to visit.

3. Make collaborations

Collaborate while you can! Here, I’m talking about partnerships, with other Instagrammers from all over the region. Organize to do shoots with different girls (regardless of the size of their audience). Some will tell you a bigger audience. But it’s not easy to convince someone with a bigger audience than one. And two, a small Instagrammer may become big a few months later. And it will help you to have already contacted her beforehand, because the future times when you will want to do one with her; she will gladly accept.

4. Attract continuous subscribers

Attracting subscribers takes work. How ? By applying a set of proven rules. Even the biggest Instagrammers applied them when they started. These rules have 3 basic principles: appeal to new subscribers, federate your current subscribers and get help from the algorithm. The goal is to create an ecosystem that allows you to exchange with your audience. Because the algorithm will show your content more often to your audience if you exchange in dms, comments with it. Pleasing new subscribers is a slightly more complex strategy that takes into account your style, your type of content, etc..

5. Look for partnerships

Start looking for partnerships as soon as you get started. By that I mean, you don’t have to wait until you have 10,000 Instagram followers to look for partnerships. The catch is that you’re not used to it and you don’t know how to assess your price. By looking for partnerships from your first 100-200 subscribers, you learn how to sell yourself and especially the type of companies and brands to avoid. You’re going to get a lot of rejection, but it’s for a good cause.