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How to get 100k Instagram followers fast (3 steps)

Girls, here I will give you only one method. no more no less ! But it is THE ultimate method. It’s the one that will put you in the big leagues, without waiting 5 or 10 years like some have had to do. Because no, it’s not easy to get 100k. It’s already not enough to get 10, so imagine 100! Most people on insta will never reach this number, because only an elite will be entitled to it. But I suggest you learn a method to achieve it. It will allow you to carry out your projects and finally be able to live from your passion whether you are a blogger, an Instagrammer or in other universes. So get ready to enter the world of influencers and change your status. Ps: I wrote an article where I present to you a set of methods to get 1000 followers on Tiktok. It is available: ici !

Step 1: Buy a 100,000 Followers Account

And yes, even if you already have an account, I advise you to buy a new one. Please note that you should not get rid of your old account, especially if it has more than 10,000 subscribers. Because as I told you before, a genuine account over 10k has a lot of value. In addition, you have surely devoted a lot of your time to it for months, even years; so it would be a shame to get rid of it right away. Instead, be sure to transfer the followers you have there to the newly purchased account and make the transition.

Step 2: introduce yourself to your audience

It’s not enough to buy a new account! But as you would in everyday life, I advise you to introduce yourself in story, explaining that you are taking over the torch of the account and that your content will resemble that of the former owner. Hence the interest of buying one in the same theme as the one where you evolve. No need to tell you that this change will go unnoticed, because it is not. They will realize this and may lose interest in your new account. With a small insta, the loss of subscriber is seen, even if you do not lose many; but with such a big account, the number is not the same and can make a difference. You wouldn’t see yourself taking the risk of losing 40% of your audience in a few months (or days)?! Believe me, it makes the difference to avoid misunderstandings, incomprehension or the anger of your audience, not to have been informed of this major change.

Step 3: customize it to your image

It’s not enough to buy an account, you also have to make it your own. Because this is what will allow you to continue your activity. You have to personalize it and put it in your image. Yes, but be careful anyway! It is not a question of swinging your content to your sauce without taking into account the already existing audience. What I advise you is to keep content substantially the same as that of the former owner; but to personalize it, in your image. So to personalize your new account, I advise you to keep the format that already exists. And yes, if it’s a 100k account, chances are he knows what he was doing. So take inspiration from its old content. If he made videos, also make them in your image. Be careful not to buy an account that has nothing to do with what you do (example: an influencer account in DIY while you are a fashionista). Because it may be