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5 steps to get 1000 followers (quickly) on Tiktok

Tiktok is a platform that is becoming more and more important. The number of users on the platform continues to grow to perhaps exceed that of Instagram, Facebook etc. Regardless of your field, you are bound to find an attentive audience eager for content like the one you offer. Now that we know that, how do you attract people to your account? I wrote an article where I give you advice on when to post on Tiktok. Il est disponible: ici !

1. Create a professional account

When I say create a pro account, I don’t mean having an account with written pro in the bio. But only have a clear account. The category in which you are must be clearly identified. If you are into fashion, the content should be related to this category.

2. Take inspiration from large accounts

You should also take inspiration from large accounts. Observe their content, presentation, etc. Are they posting a specific type of format or not?! Are they familiar with their audience or not?! They have hindsight and an audience that sticks, it’s that what they do pleases. Get inspired by bringing your own personality.

3. Discuss with your audience

You must be present off. Comment on the content of people who follow. Also comment on the content of people who follow the big accounts in your theme. Discuss with these people in dms of everything and anything (without asking them to follow you or anything). The exchanges must be natural and you will see that the follows will follow.

4. Subscribe to other accounts

Stop following accounts that have a large following. Subscribe to their followers instead. Same technique as in the previous part; you should target big influencer accounts in your category and follow people who comment on or follow their content. They will subscribe back and appreciate your content because it approximates that of an account they already follow.

5. Start collabs

You may have already come across the account of women who have the same content as you and very few followers. Offer them collab shooting or even remotely. Warning: on the Internet there are a lot of ill-intentioned people, so if you are a minor do not contact and see anyone! And if you’re of legal age, go on a date with several friends. Small accounts can become big accounts and tomorrow your collab will bring you a lot of subscribers, because the woman in front will have an engaged audience. In addition, the combination of collabs will give you greater visibility in your category.